What we're all about

CONFRONT is a day about dev and design. It is an interactive full day conference in Malmö dedicated to front-end, focusing on the dialogue between developers and designers.

CONFRONT believes in developers and designers as equal parts of the creative process when we talk about and practice front-end. We want to highlight the idea that both should be seen as creators and the importance of dialogue between them. We believe dialogue arise through meetings, which is why we want to create a meeting spot for developers and designers. A place for communication and inspiration. A place to agree and confront ideas about static, separate creator roles. Finally, a place to bring the strong community we believe we have in the region closer together.

The program

What's going on?!

Here you will be able to follow us as we set the schedule for the day; who talks and inspires, teaches and motivates. And finally, how we wrap things up in festivities among friends!


Confront aims to raise regional talents while also inviting international inspiring speakers within different professions and perspectives.


While we have amazing keynotes and talks, our workshops will help us dig deeper in our core subject and hopefully answer a lot of questions.


Not only is this a great conference, but also a great way to meet people. So why end things there? Join our afterparty and get to know them even better. Everyone is invited!

Registration and breakfast
Welcome & Opening Sesh
Aga Naplocha - Like Yin and Yang
Lauren Dorman - Good Products Start Within
Michael Cartner - How I became a better engineer by working in a design team
Rikke Koblauch - Passion, Projects and Pixels
Christoffer Persson - Iterate Your Way from Idea to Product Using Ember.js
Alla Kholmatova - From Principles to Patterns
Dan Gärdenfors - Impact: the Final Frontier
Keith Horwood - StdLib: Using "Server-less" Technology to think Functions First, and Forget Infrastructure
Andrea Önnerfors - Design and Development in a Cross-Functional Team
Deborah Kupfer & Tomek Augustyn - VR Kitchen
Caty Aguilera - Spend less time designing, more time thinking
Melinda Seckington - Reflect & Repeat
Carlos Gavina - 3 things to fix Designers & Developers, make you happy and prepare you to conquer the Universe
Good Bye & Family Photo

The venue

CONFRONT will take place at Malmö Börshus, a hidden pearl in the heart of Malmö located next to the Central station. We figured, a full day dedicated to dev and design under a glass roof? Not so bad. Even better, we’ll be hanging out in the back yard of Malmöfestivalen.

Did someone say afterparty?

After a whole days event of speakers and workshops we head together to a yet unrevealed location for a whole night of tech, drinks, good music and more surprises. The official afterparty, the perfect place to keep newly made friends. Everybody is invited. See you there.


Look who's talking!

Rikke Koblauch

Product Designer at Steps

Rikke Koblauch is a product designer crafting for the small screens. Designing experiences for everything from big global brands to personal silly side projects - but really she is just a maker and have been creating things for the internet since she was 12.

She recently left her job at ustwo to start her own adventure.

Building Steps, an app helping people overcome social anxiety - her talk will be about the process turning passion into projects, the emotional rollercoaster and all the learnings that comes with it.

Caty Aguilera

Graphic Designer & Illustrator at Caty Aguilera Design Studio

Caty Aguilera is a multidisciplinary Graphic designer running her own studio in Stockholm. With what she would describe as a ridiculous primal need to constantly create, explore and play she keeps her scope wide and works with everything from web design, ui, packaging, branding and illustration. Even some occasional ventures in stop motion, animation and graffiti, because - why not. Using creativity as a means of expression and a tool to figure out thoughts and ideas she’ll challenge the way you think of things.

Michael Cartner

Co-founder & Lead Developer at Topp

Michael is a co-founder at Topp, a design studio that help clients shape new products, services, and experiences. He's working together with designers in client projects and is a lead developer for Topp's prototyping tool, Noodl.

He'll share with you how he became a better engineer by working in a design team. "Tools and practice for engineering and design is often two separate worlds. Working close with designers over the last 10 years has helped me understand the value of mixing perspectives and disciplines." In his talk, you'll learn how engineers and designers can embrace each others strengths to create better products through more collaboration, iteration and prototyping.

Carlos Gavina

Designer & Front-End Developer at Sketch App

For the past 8 years Carlos divided his passion between Design and Code in an effort to fuel what he loves the most: to see projects come alive. This resulted in years of crossing the bridge between design and development, being in the middle of it, and trying to make the process more efficient.

He’ll give some hints on how we can ease this process.

Alla Kholmatova

UX & Interaction Designer

Alla is a UX and interaction designer who has a particular interest in design systems and collaborative ways of working. In the last couple of years this interest has led her to spend a huge amount of time working on and researching the subject. She’s been sharing her insights with people through talks, articles, projects, and soon – a book.

At CONFRONT she’ll share her insights on design principles as a powerful tool to bring disciplines together when establishing and evolving your design system. You’ll learn what makes effective design principles, how to define them, and how principles translate into design patterns in practice.

Dan Gärdenfors

Concept Designer & CEO at Nobiz

Dan runs a design studio called Nobiz. After working many years in multidisciplinary teams, he has grown less fuzzy about design. Nowadays, he’s more interested in impact.

Great design and development skills aren’t enough to turn ideas into real products. In large organisations, the best ideas might still get lost among all other projects. Many startups never find any passionate users and miss out on getting funded. Fortunately, there are ways to boost the impact of your work.

Dan will talk about things that grabs our attention and how you can find early support for your weird and wonderful ideas.

Aga Naplocha

Front-end Coder & Designer at Adobe

Aga is a designer and front-end coder at Adobe. She’s the co-founder of The Awwwesomes – a non-profit organization teaching how to do awwwesome things on the Web, currently organizing coding (HTML&CSS) workshops in Poland. She loves eating and can't imagine the world without chocolate ice cream.

In her talk she will explain why it is so crucial that designers and developers should get on well together. Aga will give you some examples proving that learning from each other and combining the skillset of these two professions is extremely powerful.

Deborah Kupfer & Tomek Augustyn

Interaction Designer / Creative Technology Lead - Fjord Stockholm

Deborah, with a background in Industrial design, is designing macro and micro interactions for global clients within multiple industries. She is a thinker, enjoying hands-on collaborative work, following a product from its first concept into realisation.

Tomek leads the Creative Technology practice and Chaotic R&D lab at Fjord Stockholm, exploring emerging technologies and diverse ways of rapid prototyping. The projects range from front-end, through IoT to VR.

At CONFRONT, Deborah and Tomek will speak about how building a kitchen out of paper in three weeks helped them learning about VR.

Christoffer Persson

Developer at GleSYS

Christoffer started programming two decades ago and has been involved in a large number of web projects throughout the years. Currently working at GleSYS, one of the leading hosting providers in Sweden, with one foot in frontend, the other one in backend and both hands in UX.

In his talk he'll talk about how you can use Ember.js for rapid prototyping; and how to go from prototype to live product in a breeze.

Melinda Seckington

Developer at FutureLearn

Melinda is a Technical Manager at FutureLearn, a social learning platform. She loves attending BarCamps, Hackdays and other tech meet ups, and since 2009 has been organising them at Geeks of London. She also writes at MissGeeky, a blog about all things geeky and girly. When she’s not busy with events or blogging, you can find Melinda curled up on her couch with a good book or video game.

Her talk will look at how the reflecting and retrospectives from our working methods can be applied to ourselves. It will look at how to constantly reflect and rethink your own skills and values, to help you understand who you want to be and what you want to do. It will examine the different motivations of why we do what we do and showcase several different formats to help you do your own retrospectives.

Andrea Önnerfors

Product Owner at ustwo Nordics

Andrea Önnerfors is a Product Owner at ustwo Nordics. With a background in QA (Quality Assurance) she now oversees production, vision and cross-functional teams in a variety of different projects.

As a Product Owner and former Quality Assurance at ustwo, Andrea works closely with designers and developers to make sure products are performing as they should, something that’s becoming more and more important as demands from users and customers grow. Andrea will talk about the importance of cross-functional teams and how they can work together to create premium digital products and how this is setup at ustwo. She will also give a few examples on when this works at it’s best, and what happens when it doesn’t.

Lauren Dorman

Developer at A Color Bright

Lauren Dorman is a Developer at A Color Bright, a product studio in Berlin. Her focus: make understanding code scalability easier, to help create performant and accessible experiences. Outside of work: playing with her MIDI controller, finding the best shows, and cycling around the streets of Neukölln.

In her talk, Lauren will dissect the current state of diversity in design and development. It will uncover what to consider when building your team, how inclusion helps build better products and make for a happier workplace. It will look at the importance of creating an inclusive work environment for everyone and how to start the conversation at work and within your communities.

Keith Horwood

Founder and CEO at StdLib

The "server-less" revolution is the hottest thing in software development, but what does it really mean? Are there still servers (yes, there are!), why is it so exciting, and how can it change how I think about software development today? Keith is going to show you how you can use StdLib to utilize "server-less" tech, start thinking functions first, and ship everything from Vue Apps to APIs without ever having to think about infrastructure. It's the easiest way you've ever built a web application.

More speakers to be announced...

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CONFRONT - 17 August 2017

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Want to collaborate with us?

Although we work hard, a big part of making this possible lies in the hands of our sponsors and partners. Want to get involved and support us? Get in touch! We’re always looking for new friends.

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Friends for diversity

Hooray for diversity!

We’re happy to have friends helping us out to make this a day where diversity flows. Because only diversity makes the real magic. You can help out too by sponsoring tickets which then will be given to underrepresented groups in tech, or someone that’s not able to attend CONFRONT otherwise! A concept inspired by the awesome Nordic.js.

  • Axis Communications


For those of you who are coming to CONFRONT from outside of Sweden - the best way is to fly to CPH airport and take the train to Malmö Central station. The view is pretty and the train ride takes 20 minutes. Convenience for the win! You arrive in the city center, pretty much next to all locations you’ll attend during CONFRONT (venue, hotel, party).


CONFRONT will take place at Malmö Börshus, a hidden pearl in the heart of Malmö located next to the Central station. We figured, a full day dedicated to dev and design under a glass roof? Not so bad. Even better, we’ll be hanging out in the back yard of Malmöfestivalen. Adress: Skeppsbron 2, 211 20 Malmö


For those of you who need somewhere to stay during CONFRONT, we’ve reserved some rooms at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live between August 16-18. The hotel is basically neighbor to the venue, located within 3 minutes walk from Malmö Börshus! Book your room via mail or call +4640- 207500 (option 3, package booking) using booking code: GR016606

If you have any questions, contact us: hello@confront.se

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